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Don't be frustrated at your lack of progress!

Learn faster, improve your flying skills & perform better on flight tests.

How will Performance Pilot help me?

Performance Pilot will help you...

  • Speed up your flight training progress
  • Prepare & practice more effectively
  • Perform better on flight tests
  • Learn faster & save money on lessons
  • Improve your flying skills


  • Control your thoughts while flying
  • Learn to armchair fly... PROPERLY!
  • Achieve a peak state to fly better
  • Master the mental game of flying
  • Improve concentration & consistency

What are pilots saying about Performance Pilot?

Performance Pilot has appeared on Amazon best-seller lists worldwide.

  • A must-read for any pilot.
  • Best money you'll ever spend to improve your piloting.
  • Thoroughly recommended for any serious pilot.
  • Useful tips to make the most of my time, and money, in the air.
  • There was definitely an improvement in my performance.
  • Great information for aspiring pilots.
  • I wish I'd had this book when I started my flying lessons.
  • Unlike any other flying book!
Airliner with contrails
Airline pilots
Anthony Crichton-Browne | A320 Captain & aerobatic pilot
Gives pilots the best and most efficient techniques on improving their aircraft handling.
Anthony Crichton-Browne
A320 Captain & aerobatic pilot
Ben Jobson | B787 First Officer
There was definitely an improvement in my performance.
Ben Jobson
B787 First Officer
Jim - Amazon customer | B737 First Officer
A must-read for any pilot. The practices it teaches would certainly benefit any kind of pilot, at any level.
Jim - Boeing 737 First Officer
B737 First Officer
USAF Thunderbirds F16 with smoke
Military pilots
Jaimie Tilbrook | RAAF C130 Hercules Captain
My aviation training would have benefitted greatly had Performance Pilot been available at the time.
Jaimie Tilbrook
C130 Hercules Captain
Brent Keenan | USAF C17A Squadron Commander
This book can help build better pilots.
Brent Keenan
C17A Squadron Commander
Marq Saunders | RAAF F18 Fighter Combat Instructor
Certainly a book I will recommend to all my students.
Marq Saunders
F/A-18 Fighter Combat Instructor
Light aircraft wth smoke
Private pilots
Frank Maier | private pilot
Best money you'll ever spend to improve your flying.
Frank Maier
Private pilot
Barry Jones | private pilot
Plenty of useful tips to make the most of my time, and money, when I'm in the air.
Barry Jones
Private pilot
Andrew Musca-Unger | Flight instructor & glider pilot
Full of priceless advice.
Andrew Musca-Unger
Flight Instructor & glider pilot
Formation aircraft wth smoke
Media reviews
Australian PILOT Magazine logo
Should be part of every pilot's bookcase.
Australian PILOT magazine
Aero Australia magazine logo
If you fly it will do you no harm at all to read this.
Aero Australia magazine
FLYER magazine logo
The means to challenge yourself, and some of the tools for self-improvement.
FLYER magazine
People of the Sky logo
A must read!
People of the Sky

Meet the authors

Ross Bentley | author

Ross Bentley
Race driver & performance coach

  • PPG Indycar Series (1990-1995)
  • GT3 US Road Racing Champion (1998)
  • SRPII 24 Hours of Daytona - Winner (2003)
  • Author of Speed Secrets series (10 books)
  • Performance coach (athletes, racers, business)
  • International keynote speaker
Phil Wilkes | author

Phil Wilkes
Professional pilot & trainer

  • 40 years flying experience
  • 14,000 flying hours
  • 30 types (piston, turboprop, jets)
  • Academic dux of military pilot course
  • Short and long haul airliners
  • A380 pilot & Type Rating Instructor